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Laurel and Riley Carbone Kern founded Tallgrass Estate Planning, LLP in 2016 with the goal of creating a different kind of law firm. Instead of focusing exclusively on wealthy clients or those who are comfortable working with traditional firms, Tallgrass Estate Planning reach out to people who are routinely overlooked or hesitant to work with such firms. The Carbones-Kerns' saw an opportunity to provide high-quality personal estate planning and elder law services to Oklahomans from the comfort of their own homes. With the help of Spark Search, Tallgrass Estate Planning has grown into a full-service, family-oriented law firm that offers a wide range of estate planning and elder law services. Spark Search has re-created the Tallgrass website, handles their Google Ads account, and has produced a wide range of videos for them. Thanks to the Carbones-Kerns' vision and Spark Search's innovative marketing tactics, Tallgrass Estate Planning is quickly becoming one of the leading law firms in Oklahoma.

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